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Creating a perfect city of tomorrow...
This is a cool project that we done for a government campaign. The agencies involved are Adjetiva (production) and Agnelo (Ad agency). Adjetiva hired us to work on the illustrations of the entire project.

This was a challenging project not only because it contain many details but also for the time to produce. The project took almost one year to complete because there were defined 4 plans for the cities. The briefing was delivered by each plan quarter. This briefing was a summary of information collected on a blog / site created specifically for this project. Thus people/users from archvis and urban projects contributed indirectly to the creation of the illustrations that were done on demand every quarter.

Agency: Agnelo
Production: Adjetiva
Studio: Quad studio
Illustrators: João Ferraz | Lucio Libanori
Co-workers: Andressa Reigadas | Flavio Callegaro
1st illustration was a concept city, done in a clay style render/illustration. This one represented the ad campaign.
From the 1st clay illustration we created an "joker" piece that we can use as an wildcard between the next phases of this project.
2nd phase - already with 2 big blocks of the city. At this point, almost six months have passed!
3rd phase - almost 9 months now!
The last phase of this project. The entire city was done!
To use with the interactive website we need to do a special render, a spherical render of the quadrants, like this one above.

And below some wireframes of this huge project. All this was done in a multidisciplinar team in realtime. I manage a special main scene in Modo and my fellows help creating content in other machines and feeding automatically my main scene!
Yes, Modo can do that dudes!
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