Hi folks, this charming dudes are an personal project.
Just a bit bored and decided to create this tiny cute EmojiMonsters,
inspired in the "Grr", "happy" and "love" emoticons.

Well, maybe, I'll do even more, who knows...

Yesss, they are bad! Grrr!
Done in Blender and Photoshop, all sculpting and modelling done in Blender.
Some textures was done in Filter Forge.

The project tooked about two days of work.
And, yesss! We have this one, with the brains properly inside!

Now we have that one below, happy one! Soon I hope to create more in my spare time...
AHhhh Love is in the air...
One more to the family!
Now we have the hungry one!
Modelled using sculpting tools in Blender with Dynotopo so you can see the mesh with more and less polygons according to the region of the object that needs more details.
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